Our Values


The Mission

We develop each and every product and service on a case by case basis, figuring out in proper detail our client's necesities, making sure that all measures to be implemented are easy to deploy and easier to maintain.


The Team

Composed of cybersecurity professionals having a wide experience defending and securing networks and mission critical systems. Our team combines the best of the civilian and military enviroments to bring the operational concept of cyber defence at everyone's reach.


The Difference

We are determined to go by three basic principles that will shape our way of facing each operation and the relationship with our clients: security, confidentiality and trust.

Our Objectives



Never before have businesses been so vulnerable to the destructive actions of a so few.



Privacy must be a right, not a privilege.



Our passion for cybersecurity is the tranquility of our clients.

For Small Businesses


We've got the answer you've been looking for

We know how hard it is for you to get cybersecurity solutions. Their cost makes them prohibitive. Thats why we in Sección 7 have developed the perfect solution for you, because security should be a right, not a privilege.

For Corporations


Your security comes first

Be it because of the complexity or the dimension of your systems, security has become a critical element of your daily operations. A mere security incident could cost millions to your organization. To make the fight against the permanent risks your systems are subjected to easier, our experts have designed multiple solutions that adapt to your business logic. Security should not be an operational impediment.